3 steps to restoring the skin barrier

My approach to skincare, is to start by balancing the skin's pH levels and restoring the skin barrier.

To do that, we need to implement what I call the trifecta of skincare:

Skin Trifecta

1. Clean: The skin needs to be clean, but not so clean that it's squeaky and tight. 

2. Hydrate: The skin needs water, and the easiest way to restore water balance is through ingredients like Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid. 

3. Protect: Feeding our skin all the good stuff is pointless if we don't lock it all in with an oil - an oil allows us to trap water into the skin, and ensures our products are working to their full potential.

For skin with a really compromised barrier that seems beyond help, a topical probiotic is perfect as this balances the skin's microflora with good bacteria, so that the skin can heal and thrive. 

Once we've balanced the skin's pH levels and restore the skin's barrier, we can then move onto more intense skin regimes. 

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