7 cardinal skin sins

Everyone is different, and taking a right-or-wrong approach to skincare isn't always the best way to go.

However, there are a few sins that I believe you should never commit on your journey to healthy skin.

Sin #1 - Using a foam, gel or gritty cleanser

Unless you’re 16 years old and riddled with oil (and even then I’d question it…), gels, foams and scrubs are going to strip your skin of its natural oil. Our skin does need some of its natural oil to function well, so stripping natural oils results in dehydrated skin that over-produces oil to quench its thirst. Long term it will also result in dry, sensitive and irritated skin.

Sin #2 - Using scrubs, exfoliants, and exfoliating wipes too often

Our skin should be exfoliated 2-3 times a week at the absolute most. Any more than this results in stripped, dehydrated skin that ends up irritated and sensitive, leading to all the problems that come with a damaged skin barrier.

Sin #3 - Self-diagnosing sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is a skin type that you are born with. Sensitised skin is a skin condition that occurs as a result of a damaged skin barrier.  

A skin type can't be changed or fixed, but a skin condition can, and both are treated very differently. 

Sin #4 - Using makeup wipes in place of a cleanser

Makeup wipes leave residue on the skin and don’t normally remove ALL makeup and dirt, which in turn clogs the pores.

Sin #5 - Cleansing once at night

Double cleansing (ie. cleansing, washing it off, then cleansing again) is popular for a reason. It’s not just for people who wear makeup all the time, it’s for
EVERYBODY. Our skin gathers dirt, dust and all sorts of grossness during the day, and the only way to remove it is to cleanse once to remove the bulk of it, and cleanse again to be sure the skin is 100% clean.

Sin #6 - Avoiding oils

Oily skin types particularly choose to avoid oils, and a lot of people avoid oils
because they think oil clogs the pores. Some oils absolutely do clog the pores, but non-comedogenic oils (ie oils designed for the skin, that won’t clog your pores) are perfect for combatting oil and keeping the skin nourished and protected.

Sin #7 - Not being consistent

Consistently following a skin routine will stop your skin from behaving badly, however a lot of people tend to turn to their skincare only when they see a problem. It’s much easier to prevent problems from occurring in your skin, than it is to reverse problems, so consistency is the key.

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