Skincare won't fix your skin

Well, it an extent. 

When you're trying to lose weight, working out at the gym is only 50% of the equation - diet and lifestyle form the other 50%.   

And skincare is the same - topical skincare products are 50% of the equation, and the other 50% comes down to your internal health.

So, to achieve your healthiest skin ever, you not only need to:

- keep your skin clean

- hydrate on a surface level

- use oil to lock in hydration 

- use sun protection to protect the skin's barrier

you also need to:

- get plenty of sleep - the body (including your skin!) needs time to rest and recover to function properly.

- drink plenty of water - we all know this one, but hydrating from the outside in, as well as the inside out, is a foolproof way to ensure your skin is constantly hydrated.

- eat a healthy, balanced diet - our diet plays a huge role in our internal health, and a poor diet is always clearly visible on the skin's surface.

- managing stress levels - it's always easy to blame hormones for our breakouts, but did you know that cortisol is a hormone too, and is our stress hormone? Managing stress gives you the chance to manage your cortisol levels, and therefore reduce your hormonal breakouts.

None of these factors can be changed using topical skincare, but a balance of a good skin routine and good internal health, is the perfect combination for healthy skin. 

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