3 reasons to fall in love with mineral makeup

If you're anything like I was for pretty much all of my adult life, you'll think mineral makeup is vile. And even that is an understatement. 

We've seen the ads for the 400-in-1 mineral makeup products that somehow work as a foundation, concealer, contour, highlighter, instant tan, tattoo cover-up, and goodness knows what else, and I think it's safe to say we are all smart enough to know that's a bit of a gimmick (again with the understatements). 

Mineral makeup has been poorly marketed, and rightfully so - it's been a pretty rubbish product for a really long time. It's orange, it's got bad coverage, it doesn't last, it's impossible to apply, and it's only available on the TV Shopping Network, which is enough for me to run for the hills and stick to my traditional makeup. 

Until now. Admitting when I'm wrong is not easy, but I owe mineral makeup an apology. It's come a freaking long way over the last few years, so much so that when I tell people I'm wearing mineral makeup, they don't believe me - my skin isn't orange, the coverage of my foundation is phenomenal (even on my dark under-eyes), and my makeup is still intact at the end of the day. And as a bonus, my skin has never looked or felt better (despite the fact I have stopped getting regular facials, peels, microdermabrasion and skin needling, and now only follow an at-home skin routine). 

So let's look at why the heck I, a staunch MAC Studio Fix Fluid lover, converted to mineral makeup, and why you might just fall in love with it too. 

1. The ingredients in mineral makeup are working with your skincare, not against it. 

The ingredients you'll find in traditional cosmetics do some pretty amazing stuff - they mop up excess oil, they can mattify shiny skin, and they can last like you wouldn't believe.

But these ingredients, whilst doing incredible things for your makeup application, are doing not-so-incredible things for your skin, like causing dryness, flaking, irritation, dehydration, congestion (blackheads, whiteheads and everything in between) and ageing, as well as contributing towards allergies. These things usually won't happen with one application, but if you're living in traditional cosmetics day-in, day-out, you can expect to see some of these side effects over time. Long-term, you'll need your skincare products (and some new ones) to work really hard for you to negate the effects of traditional makeup on your skin. 

Meanwhile, mineral makeup is like an extension of your skincare, so rather than trying to make your skincare work harder, it's like another extra step in your skincare routine. 

The ingredients in mineral makeup contain little to no irritants - this is why your skin therapist will tell you to apply mineral makeup even after the most active facial treatment. 

2. Mineral makeup won't give you breakouts.

While you're applying traditional makeup to cover your breakouts, you're actually making them worse.

The ingredients in mineral makeup are designed to bind with the skin's natural oils so that the makeup sits on the pores, not in the pores. If makeup is sitting in your pores, like traditional makeup does, that's a one-way ticket to congested pores, aka breakouts and pimples. Makeup on the pores isn't entering the pores, therefore, no congestion. 

Mineral makeup won't necessarily improve your breakouts, but it's most certainly not going to make them worse. 

3. Mineral makeup is safe to use. 

Because mineral makeup doesn't contain irritants, artificial colours or artificial fragrances, it can be used on absolutely every skin type, and is even safe during pregnancy. Plus, you're doing our gal Mother Nature a solid whenever you use all-natural products. 

All-in-all, mineral makeup is heaven - there, I said it. It's an extension of your skincare, which means it won't cause or aggravate any skin concerns, and it's better for you as a whole. 

If you're converted, check out the range of Esmi mineral foundations here,  available in both powder and liquid form. And, their sister brand, PONi Cosmetics, have a range of mineral makeup including concealer, eyeliner, brow gels and pencils, blush, bronzer and highlighter, all available here

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