Help! I Don’t Know How to Prepare for a Spray Tan

At MM, we love tans. Like, love love. We also love giving people an easy, enjoyable tanning experience (yes, it exists!), and it all starts with the prep. Read on, soon-to-be-bronzed-goddess...

One week before: 
Get moist (sorry, we hate the word too). Moisturise morning and night to eliminate the production of dead skin cells. Otherwise those yucky flakes of dead skin will grab your tan and flake away, leaving you looking patchy and far from goddess-ey in no time at all. 

48 hours before: 
Scrub-a-dub-dub. Exfoliating gloves and body scrubs are your friend, and will help you remove any last bits of dead skin, leaving your skin fresh and smooth for your tan. 

24 hours before: 
De-fluff. Shave or wax as you need, but allow 24 hours for your pores to close up again post-hair removal. Open pores will suck tan in, and we can promise you, it's not pretty. 

On the day: 
Get clean. Arrive to your tan freshly showered, if possible. Ensure you're not wearing any makeup, moisturisers, perfume, deodorant, or anything else that may create a barrier between the tan solution and your skin. Wear your hair up (we'll give you a cap to cover your hair), and wear whatever you'd like to tan in (just remember, it will leave tan lines - we recommend using one of our disposable g-strings). Bring something loose and dark to wear for the 2 hours while your tan develops, or purchase one of our Kaftanned tanning dresses, specially designed for spray tanning. 

We recommend you tan 2 days before your special event, to allow the tan maximum time to develop. 

Keen for some spray tan goodness? Contact us to bronze up with the best in town.

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