How to cry without becoming a hot mess

It's the first question I'm asked as soon as I start a makeup application on a wedding day: "What do I do when I cry?". 

A long-wearing makeup application that can withstand the elements (and the emotions!) is a team effort - I prepare your face based on a number of factors that we consult on on the day, I use some seriously heavy-duty makeup products, and you make sure you take good care of the face I've left you with. 

It sounds scary trying to maintain your beautiful makeup through a whole lot of crying, but contrary to what everybody thinks, it's actually SO easy to not be a hot, streaky mess when you cry. And it's all about understanding where your tears come from.

Your tears come from your tear duct - that little guy in the inner corner of your eye - and they go one of two ways (or both if you're really getting into a good cry!). 

Tears will either come out of your tear duct and head straight down your cheek along the side of your nose. Or, they'll well up inside your eye and head along the bottom lash line, before spilling out over your eyelashes and down your cheek. 

The key to keeping your makeup intact, is to wrap a tissue around your finger, and gently press your tissue-covered finger into the corner of your eye where the tear duct is. This will make sure that when the tears start to sneak out, the tissue will absorb your tears before they well up in your eye, and before they head down your face. 

What about the makeup around your eye?

I did say that this non-hot-mess thing is a team effort, so here's how I hold up my end of the deal:

Eyeshadow primer

The trick to making your eyeshadows stay put, is to apply a specially formulated eye primer first. The eyelids are the oiliest part of the face, so even before tears come into the mix, we're working in a hot-mess danger zone that needs to be prepped properly. 


I always use a tubing mascara (like the PONi White Knight Mascara) - a tubing mascara is water- and sweat-resistant just like a waterproof mascara, but it's a heck of a lot easier to remove when the time comes.

Tubing mascara wraps the lashes in tube-like polymers, as opposed to waterproof mascara which coats the lashes in pigment. The benefit of this is that these tubular polymers literally slide right off the lashes with a bit of warm water, but will still resist tears, sweat, etc. Whereas the pigment left on your lashes by waterproof mascara is SO DAMN HARD to remove even with the best makeup removers (we've all been there) - apart from being a pain in the butt, waterproof mascara residue is also super damaging to your eyes in the long term. 

Yet another benefit of tubing mascara, is that it won't smudge, it won't run, it won't flake...basically, it's not going anywhere until you tell it to, so there won't be a panda-eye in sight. 


My favourite eyeliner is a gel formula, and the reason I love a good gel formula so much, is because it's crease-proof, smudge-proof and long wearing - in other words, absolutely perfect for a wedding day. 


Planning on saying no to falsies because you're going to cry them off? Think again my friends. I have two false lash glues in my arsenal - one with latex, and one without latex (for those with allergies), and both are water resistant. 

Think this all seems like hard work? Don't worry - whenever I look after a bridal party, I always take a moment to quickly take you through my 'Crying 101' tutorial before I leave. 


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