How to prepare for a makeup appointment or makeup trial

Here are my top tips for preparing for your next makeup appointment:


For any makeup application, please follow these steps:

- gently exfoliate your skin the night before

- on the day, double-cleanse your face including your eye area

- arrive to your appointment with freshly cleansed skin, and follow your usual skincare routine so your skin doesn't dry out between washing your face and arriving to your appointment

- please don't wear any makeup to your appointment (this includes BB cream, mascara and any other cosmetic products)


I recommend wearing something that's easy to remove without wrecking your makeup and/or hair - a strappy/strapless/off-the-shoulder top is best, as this also allows me to apply makeup down your neck onto your decolletage and chest if needed.

If your makeup is for a trial, try to wear something that's a similar colour to your wedding/formal/event outfit, so you can get a real feel for how your makeup will look in the same context. 


Follow the same steps above, but also consider scheduling:

- a tan trial 24-48 hours prior to your makeup trial

- a hair trial on the same day as your makeup trial


Not sure what kind of makeup look you want to go for? Don't worry - this is actually my favourite, as it means I get to work with you to pick something that will suit your colourings and features, that you'll feel comfortable with.

If you've ever seen or had any makeup that you haven't loved the look of, I'd love to know about this, to help me understand what your makeup comfort levels are.

There are a couple of questions I do need you to know the answers for:

- are you allergic or sensitive to anything?

- do you know your skin type (oily, combination, normal, dry)?

- do you have any skin conditions?


A makeup application takes 1 hour at the most. 

If you're having a trial, you have the choice of a 1-hour or 2-hour trial. A 1-hour trial allows us to try one makeup look, and a 2-hour trial allows us to try up to 2 makeup looks.

If you arrive late to your appointment, you will either be given the remaining time on your appointment or your appointment will be cancelled altogether. 


Your makeup is designed to last, and it will warm into your skin as the day/night goes on.

The skin is a living, breathing, moving thing, so of course makeup is not infallible. 

If your skin looks like it is going to produce an excessive amount of oil, you'll be given complimentary oil blotting papers to manage this. 

The only part of your makeup that is not designed to last, is your lip colour. You can choose to buy the same lip colour used during your appointment, for $19.95. 

At the end of the day/night, double-cleanse your face and eye area to remove all makeup. Your false lashes should come off when you cleanse, otherwise giving them a gentle pull will easily remove them without any discomfort. 

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