How to prepare for a spray tan


...give your skin barrier external moisture (moisturiser/oil) ad hydration (water). In other words, moisturise daily (if not twice daily) and drink at least 2 litres of water a day. By nourishing the skin from both the inside and outside, you have a winning combo for a flawless spray tan.


...shave and exfoliate. And moisturise again. This will ensure any old skin is removed to make way for fresh, new skin - the perfect base for a spray tan to attach to. 


...give your skin a wash using a gentle, fragrance-free soap, to ensure you've removed excess moisturiser and other barriers (such as deodorant and perfume). Keep your shower lukewarm to prevent stripping and drying the skin before your tan. 

Try not to wear tight clothes to your appointment, and ensure you bring something loose, in a cotton fabric, and a pair of thongs to change into afterwards.

AFTER CARE is best to avoid leaving your appointment in any tight clothing, as any tight areas will leave marks in your tan. It's also best to keep as cool and dry as possible (sweat and moisture are the enemy of a developing tan).

When you wash your tan off, you'll wash off all of the bronzer and be back to your original skin tone. Your tan will then develop over 24 hours. 

The first 24 hours is crucial to your tan's development, so:

- try to either not wear a bra, or wear a loose or strapless bra that won't leave marks in your tan (any rubbing in the first 24 hours will stop the tan developing fully in those areas)

- do not wear lycra (lycra quite simply sucks the tan off your skin!)

- avoid exercise, swimming, sweating, applying moisturiser, and any other activities that will produce a lot of moisture

- try not to have a shower - once you've rinsed your spray tan off, wait another 24 hours before showering again. After that next shower, you can go back to your usual routines. 

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