Spray tan after care

So, you've had a spray tan. Now what?

1. As soon as your tanning technician has left the room, dry off with the air hose provided. Drying off will help you to feel less wet, but you will still feel a little sticky

2. Change into something loose - anything tight fitting (like tights, a fitted top, jeans, socks, a bra, or anything that's tight around the waist, wrists or ankles) will stop your tan from developing in those areas. Consider your shoe choice too - thongs are normally the best. 

3. Wash your tan off at the recommended time - going over or under time will impact the final result. We suggest setting an alarm on your phone so you don't forget your wash off time. 

4. To wash your tan off, stand under a lukewarm shower and rinse your body until the water in the bottom of the shower runs clear. Don't use soap, body wash, a loofah, or anything else other than water. 

5. When you wash your tan off, you will return to your original skin colour, and your tan will develop over the next 24 hours. You may initially see some streaks or patchiness where your tan may not have rinsed off evenly. This is all completely normal and won't affect the final result of your tan. 

6. For the next 24 hours, your tan is developing. For the absolute best results, the aim is to not interrupt your tan while it's developing. Things to do in the next 24 hours are:

- avoid sweating or getting wet (yes, this includes showering, as well as strenuous exercise, sweating, swimming pools, the beach, saunas, etc)

- don't apply any moisturisers or oils to your body 

- avoid wearing anything tight fitting (like bike shorts, tights, bras, fitted tops)

- obviously avoiding wearing a bra is not practical, so wear a strapless bra or some other sort of bra that will only leave lines in places that don't matter (eg. a normal bra might leave strap marks)

- if you want to preserve the tan on your face, avoid using retinol and exfoliants for the entirety of your tan

7. After the first 24 hours, you can:

- shower again (be mindful to use a body wash that doesn't dry your skin out)

- start moisturising

- wear tight clothes (the more frequently you wear tight clothes and shoes, the quicker your tan will wear off in those areas)

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