Wedding Week Breakout!

Your big day is looming and your skin has never been better thanks to all the effort you have put into a pre-wedding skin routine... and then BAM, you wake up one morning (mere DAYS away from walking down the aisle) with a new little companion on your face!

It’s inevitable and it’s not a new thing - the week of the wedding, no matter how calm you may think you feel, your body has other ideas and sends you into breakout mode!

So, WHY does stress make us break out?

A stress-related hormone called CRH can be to blame. CRH can bind to receptors in the skin’s sebaceous glands (the glands that produce oil) and when that happens, oil production can go through the roof, which in turn can be the cause of pimples.

When we’re stressed, we’re prone to subconsciously touching or even scratching and picking our face more than normal – all this increased contact between our germ-carrying hands and the pores in our face can lead to break outs.

So, all that aside, how can we STOP this from happening?

There are the obvious answers – don’t touch your skin and manage your stress (I know this is difficult and a pretty big ask during wedding week!), but then there's some others that you may not think of!

Don’t change up your skincare routine – your well intentioned bridesmaids may be keen to give you a last minute relaxing facial, or an at home pamper sesh… but PLEASE step away from the unfamiliar products! If you’re presented with any products you haven’t used on your skin recently, now is not the time to be adventurous. New products will shock your skin, and in turn your skin may fight back resulting in (you guessed it!) a breakout (among other things like dryness, dehydration, congestion, excess oil). Basically, everything you don't want to be dealing with just days out from your wedding. So, keep it simple and stick to products you know and use regularly.

If you’ve been undertaking a specialised skincare plan over the past few months, your skin should be less prone to a surprise breakout. Why? Because your skincare plan is helping to balance and regulate your skin so that it can fight off a breakout before we even see it coming.

BUT, if you haven’t been following a thorough skincare routine, there’s not much to prevent it from happening. 

So, you may have slipped up on one of the above 'rules' or your new little friend may be completely unexplained and you just need to know how the heck to deal with him!

  • First up, don’t panic. Your body doesn’t need any more stress hormones floating around to create more breakouts.
  • Again, obvious answer is don’t touch those little devils appearing on your face. And again, I know this probably won’t happen so continue reading...
  • Arm yourself: if you’re a picker or a squeezer, alcohol swabs or cotton pads soaked in isocol (all available from your fave pharmacy) are your best friend.
  • If you’re going to squeeze, try to make sure you’ve washed your hands first (because we totally plan our squeezing sessions….not). The dirt you can’t see on your hands is about to find its way all up in your pores when you start squeezing, which will lead to one infected AF blemish (and maybe even some bonus extra blemishes around the area).
  • As soon as you’re done attacking your poor little blemish (that’s now probably 5 times the size it was before you started) swab it thoroughly with your alcohol swab or isocol-soaked cotton pad. Warning: it’s going to be damn painful. It WILL burn. But this is disinfecting your blemish so that it has the best possible chance to settle down overnight. Our aim here is to keep the blemish as clean as possible
  • Alcohol dries the skin out, so don’t use it anywhere aside from your blemish.
  • After a couple of days, your skin will become dry and possibly flakey around the area of your blemish. If it doesn’t feel like there’s any pimply goodness remaining under the surface, you can start massaging some oil (like Esmi 24K Gold Nourishing Oil - BUY this little baby online HERE!) on it to reduce the dryness. If you still feel like there’s something under there and you’re inclined to have another squeeze, go back and start the whole process again!
  • Keep your alcohol swabs in your handbag so you’ve got them wherever you go (I’m a sucker for picking while sitting at my desk…). The key is to swab them straight away so that you’re immediately preventing infection.

Unfortunately our skin can throw us some curve-balls, like a giant pimple days out from your wedding, BUT by ensuring you work in a great skincare routine (with someone like me!) a few months out from the wedding (to allow your skin time to adjust and detox) you are giving yourself the best chance of avoiding a last minute breakout!

On top of that, try your VERY best to keep the stress levels low (our hot tip? work with amazing, experienced vendors who leave nothing to chance!) and try not to get adventurous with a pamper sesh requiring new products anytime close to your big day! 

And, if all else fails, I know a thing or two about covering a little blemish!

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