Welcome to Mirror Mirror!

Mirror Mirror is made up of two parts - one is a boutique beauty studio and retail beauty business located in the Toowoomba CBD, and the other is a mobile makeup artistry business servicing pretty much everywhere!

Mirror Mirror is run by me - Stacey - and I am the only person working in the business, which means that whatever service you're booked in for, you'll be working one-on-one with me. 

You can always depend on me to:

- provide personal, one-on-one service where you receive my undivided attention

- be organised and on-time

- provide an exceptional level of expertise, skill and knowledge in all that I do for you.

To deliver on this, I do things a little bit differently at Mirror Mirror:


1. Mirror Mirror is strictly by appointment only

Absolutely every interaction with me is by appointment:

- having a chat with me in person or over the phone/via video

- popping in to chat about your skin needs

- coming in to purchase products

- picking my brain about, well, anything!

- beauty services - facial waxing, lash lifts, brow lamination, spray tans

- makeup applications


2. I empower you to take full control of your bookings with me

While most beauty salons take bookings over the phone, or by email, text message, etc., I have a fabulous online bookings system that allows you to

- view my service menu and price list

- book your own appointments at a time that's convenient to you

- view your appointment history and future appointments

- change/reschedule or cancel appointments

- manage your contact information

I also have an online store where you can purchase products and have them posted to you, delivered locally for free, or collected using click and collect.

At Mirror Mirror, this is the only way to make in-studio bookings and purchases with me.


3. I don't accept phone calls

Whilst I am with my clients (whether that's in person, in studio, mobile, or on a video call) I do not check my phone. This allows me to give my clients my undivided attention, so that I can focus on delivering expert advice and services.

My phone number is not listed online, as I prefer not to be contacted by phone.


4. I've created my website to be your go-to for absolutely everything

If you have any questions about anything to do with Mirror Mirror, the FAQ pages and Blogs on my website are your first port of call before getting in touch with me directly. 

My online bookings are accessible from my website, and if you're interested in mobile makeup services, my enquiry form is also located on my website. 

You can also conveniently stock up on all your Esmi, PONi, Naked Tan and Shanghai Suzy goodies on my online store. 


5. Getting in touch with me directly is not a crime ;) 

I love hearing from you! My time is split a million ways though, and often I'm hard to get a hold of.

I don't have a receptionist, which means I can keep my costs lower for you, but it does mean that contacting me can only be done by making an appointment.

I don't mind if it's only a quick question - I still ask you to make an appointment for me to give you a call and have a chat. Or, we can catch up in person over a coffee :)


6. I don't accept late arrivals

If you arrive late to an appointment, you may be turned away and asked to make a new appointment so that all of my other clients can continue to depend on me to be on time. 


I totally get that the way I do things seems really strict, and look - it probably is a bit. But over the years, I've found that doing things a little bit differently is not only what sets me apart, it's also they key to giving you the absolute best, every single time. 


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