Stacey Morris - Creative Director


Hello and welcome!

I'm Stacey - the person on the other end of the emails and invoices, and the person responsible for making sure your makeup, brows and tans are flawless.

I studied at the highly renowned Academy of Makeup in 2012 - after graduating, I started Mirror Mirror and have been doing makeup for weddings, events and everything in between ever since.

Once I started working in makeup, I came to realise how a spray tan can make or break a makeup look, so in 2012 I travelled to Sydney and studied with the Naked Tan team so I could offer a range of tanning options for everyone from the newbie to the weekly tanner. 

As we all know, another big impact on your makeup is your brows, so in 2017 I also added brows to my service menu.

As you can probably tell, makeup for me is more than just slapping on some beautiful products and hoping for the best -

it's an experience that begins long before you sit in the makeup chair.

My specialty is bridal makeup, and I love seeing new places, so it only makes sense that I'll travel anywhere! Just ask me :) 

Stacey x