How much time should I set aside for a signature makeup application?

Our makeups typically take 45 minutes, but we recommend leaving an hour free just to be on the safe side. 

Are false lashes included with my makeup?

Individual lashes (no strip lashes here!) come complimentary with all makeup

What should I do if I have a makeup related allergy or sensitive skin?

If you have an allergy and you’re aware of what it’s caused by, please let us know. Our kits are suited to sensitive skin types and cater to most allergies, but it’s a great idea to let us know just in case.
We strongly recommend a trial to be on the safe side.

Do I need to bring my own foundation?

No – for health and safety reasons, we cannot accept clients’ own makeup products. We supply absolutely everything for your makeup application, and we sell powders and lipsticks for any touch ups.

Will my makeup last?

We take every measure with skin preparation, product application and
finishing, to ensure your makeup lasts as long as it possibly can. With 7+ years in the bridal industry, we like to think we are experts at party-proof makeup.

Do you offer hair and makeup packages?

We are based inside Air Hair Studio, and you can book online with them at the same time that you book your makeup appointment.

Should I get my makeup done before or after hair? 

It doesn’t matter at all. If you have your hair done in-salon after makeup, we can touch up your makeup afterwards; or if you have your makeup done after hair, we’ll carefully pin your hair out the way, and your stylist will check the front of your hair before you leave the salon.

How long should I allow for hair and makeup?

We recommend allowing 1 hour for each. If you're having your hair done somewhere else, allow an hour for your hair, and 30 minutes to travel between your hair and makeup locations and find a car park - we don't want you feeling rushed or running late! 



I’m getting a tan for my wedding,
how many days before my big day should I book in for?

If you plan on getting a spray tan for your big day, we also recommend having a spray tan trial 2 days before your makeup trial. This way you will get an accurate portrayal of how your skin will look with your makeup on the day and also helps us to plan a makeup to suit your skin tone!

For your big day, we also recommend booking 2 days before. 
This stops transfer of your tan onto your wedding dress, and also allows 24 hours for your tan to fully develop.

Are MM artists available for travel? If so, what areas do you service?

Our artists can travel throughout Australia and overseas, to provide your bridal party with the finest makeup artistry.
We totally get that every bridal party is different, which is why we don't have set pricing. We'll work with you to tailor a quote that caters to the needs of your bridal party. 

How long does each makeup take on the day?

Each makeup application will take approximately 45 minutes (as we don't do any lippy until the end). We recommend that the bride's makeup be left until second-last or last, as your photographer will arrive towards the end and may want your getting-ready shots! Once all makeups are finished, we then apply lipstick and make any minor changes that may be needed.

I feel confident about my wedding makeup, therefore is a trial necessary?

Absolutely. It’s not only important to ensure the look you want actually suits you, but it’s also a great chance for you to meet your artist and ensure you’re on the same page.
A trial also helps eliminate any unknowns on your wedding day.
We strongly recommend a trial for anybody who has sensitive skin – particularly if they’re not sure what ingredients trigger their sensitivity – so that we can ensure there are no reactions to products on the day.

When should I have a trial?

We strongly recommend a makeup trial about 8 to 12 weeks before the wedding. It’s great to time your trial with your hair trial, engagement shoot, hen’s party, or another event, however please note that trials are subject to extremely limited availability on Saturdays in peak bridal season (September through to May).

Do you only look after the bride and bridesmaids?

Nope! We can look after your bridal party and any extras onsite, while we send a separate makeup artist elsewhere to look after any other family members or guests who you may not want getting ready with you onsite. 

Is there a limit to how many makeups we can do for a bridal party?

Nope! We have a team of artists who can look after your bridal party, family and wedding guests, so it all comes down to what time your ceremony is and how many of our artists are available! 

Do I need to pay a deposit?

A 50% non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is required to secure your booking, and bookings will not be held without a deposit.

Do we really need to be finished makeup an hour and a half before leaving for the ceremony? 

Absolutely - it seems like a LOT of time in between finishing hair and makeup and leaving for your ceremony, but as any wedding industry professional will tell you, a lot happens in the last hour and a half - you don't want to be feeling rushed during that time. It allows time to tidy up, have some lunch, have a moment to take it all in, deal with anything unexpected that has come up, then get everybody dressed to get some photos. We're here not only to make your day a breeze, but to also work in with your other wedding vendors and their schedules to ensure a streamlined day. 

What happens if we finish makeup earlier than scheduled?

You'll have an amazingly relaxed day with some extra time to take it all in. Our timings are a guide only, and sometimes we do run ahead of schedule. 

I only want very natural makeup. How much does this cost?

The cost of your makeup does not change with the style of makeup. Our makeup prices are reflective of the qualifications, skills and experience of your makeup artist, rather than the quantity of product used or the time taken. 

None of my bridesmaids want to go first for makeup as they are worried their makeup won't last. What should we do?

We totally understand this, which is why we do everyone's makeup in full at the start of the day (aside from lipstick) then at the end we get everybody back through for touch ups and lipstick. 

I love wearing a bright lip - should I tone it down for the wedding?

No way! We believe in still feeling like yourself on your wedding day, and if wearing a bright lip is standard for you, rock it on your wedding day too! 

I don't know anything about makeup - how do I decide on a look for myself and my bridesmaids?

That's what we are here for, and just quietly, we LOVE when we get to have a say in the makeup looks. It allows us to help you pick looks that really suit each person and make their best features stand out. We can tailor a look not only to each person, but to their dress, the flowers, their personal preference... we've got your back.  

My photographer has told me not to have a spray tan, but I'd rather die than be without a tan on my wedding day - what should I do?

We recommend a super duper natural tan (don't worry - you'll still look tanned). We consider ourselves experts at wedding tans, so we'll help you pick a shade that will blend amazingly with your skin, so your photographer doesn't have to spend 400 extra hours editing your tan. Our range of tans have different bases - ash, mocha and violet - so there's no chance you'll be throwing off orange oompa-loompa vibes. 

Can we ask you for guidance on other wedding-related things, aside from makeup, tans and beauty?

Please do! We have been in the wedding industry in Toowoomba for almost 8 years, so we've seen a lot. We can help you with any questions you have, no matter how obscure they are! 



Should I get a makeup trial for my formal?

Definitely! If you’ve got a makeup idea in mind, we need to make sure that it suits
you and you feel comfortable with it. What looks amazing on Instagram may not look amazing in person.

I want to add a spray tan to my makeup package,
how many days beforehand should I book in for? 

We recommend spray tanning 2 days before your formal. If you are new to spray tanning, we also suggest trialling it first (again, 2 days before your makeup trial).

Do I need to pay a deposit?

A deposit will be taken when you book online, and we reserve the right to charge up to the full amount of your makeup booking in the event of a cancellation or no-show.



What tanning products does MM use?

We use Naked Tan and Bella Bronze tanning products. The choice is yours! If you are unsure which is best for you, our tanning experts will be able to recommend the best fit for you.

How long do MM tans typically last for?

If cared for correctly, your tan can last for an entire week. Each skin type does vary however.
Our Bella Bronze tans, on the other hand, have adjustable wear times. So, depending on your desired end result, we'll work with you to decide the best time to wash your tan off. This can be anywhere from 1 hour to 8 hours or even overnight.

How long do I have to leave my tan on before rinsing? 

Our Naked Tan solutions are 2-hour – this means you can shower in 2 hours after your tan has been applied. Naked Tan solutions will stop developing at 4 hours, which means if you’re a little late to wash your tan off, you can still wash it off after 4 hours without affecting the final tan result.

How does a tan work? 

A spray tan works using an ingredient called DHA, which reacts with the melanin in your skin to create an artificial tan. The melanin level in your skin is ultimately what will predict the final outcome of your tan – so getting the same shade tan as your friend will not give you the exact same result.
That's why we take the time to analyse your skin and your lifestyle to select the perfect tan solution for you.

I've never tanned before - will I go orange?

Absolutely not - our tan solutions are a range of ash, green and violet bases, so none of these will throw orange on your skin. We'll assess your skin before we get started to make sure we're picking the solution that will work best with your skin tone.

Do I have to get naked? 

Nope - you can wear as much or as little as you like - whether that's briefs, a g-string, a strapless bra, nipple covers, it's totally up to you. Bear in mind, whatever you wear for your tan will leave tan lines. 

How do I prepare for a tan?

In the week leading up to your tan, moisturise like a crazy person! 24 hours beforehand, give your skin a good, gentle exfoliation with a scrub and/or exfoliating gloves. On the day, please come to your tan free of any products that will create a barrier between the tan and your skin - deodorant, perfume, moisturiser and makeup all create barriers.

What do I do after my tan? 

Pop on some loose, cotton clothing, stay cool and avoid moisture - sweating, hand washing and playing in the rain are off the cards! When it's time to rinse off, stand under a warm shower and rinse (no soaps or scrubbing) until the water runs clear. Avoid showering and wearing tight clothing for the next 24 hours while your tan develops. 

Is my tan instant?

You may see some colour start to develop as soon as you wash your tan off, but in most cases, you'll be back to your normal skin tone. Then, over the next 24 hours, the colour will continue to develop. 

Can I go swimming with a spray tan?

Swimming at the beach or in a swimming pool may strip your tan, as salt water and chlorine can remove the top layer of your skin. If you're going to be swimming, we recommend using the Naked Tan Goddess Gradual Tan moisturiser at night after you've showered, to maintain your glow. 



How long does a MM lash lift last for?

Typically around 12 weeks, but this depends on your own personal lash cycle (i.e. how long your lashes take to grow, fall out and regenerate).

Are lash lifts painful?

Nope! A lot of our lash lift clients fall asleep during the process. No product comes into contact with your eyes or the delicate skin of your waterline, so there's no stinging or redness at the end of your treatment.

Will a lash lift damage my eyelashes? 

A lash lift can be a little drying on the lashes, but it does not affect the growth cycle like other lash enhancement treatments. We provide you with a take-home keratin treatment to keep your lashes nourished and healthy.

Should I get lash extensions for my formal or wedding?

This is completely up to you. We generally advise against it as we don't love the end result of lash extensions - they often make the eyes look droopy, undoing all our makeup work! Depending on the quality of the extensions, it can also be difficult to clean any makeup off them at the end, making the lashes look less black and a little dull.