How do I book mobile makeup?

Wedding makeup cannot be booked through my online booking system (there are too many questions I need to ask to ensure we allow the right amount of time etc). The process of booking your wedding is:

1. Complete an enquiry form here - this allows me to check availability and provide you with all the relevant info. 

2. You'll then receive a detailed quote from me which not only outlines the cost, but it also gives you an indiciation of what the start and finish time will be on the day so you've got all the info you need before moving forward with your booking. 

3. To move forward with your booking, you'll pay a non-refundable deposit of $200 to secure your wedding date (your deposit secures your wedding date, and we iron out all the other details like number of people, ceremony time, etc. later down the track, if you don't know these details at the time of booking me). 

4. Once I've received your deposit, I will send you a confirmation email outlining all the next steps so you know what needs to be done when (like booking your trial, reserving the Tanning Lounge, etc). 

How far do you travel?

I'll travel anywhere! I tailor my quotes so that even if I'm travelling quite a long way, I'll do my best to make it economical for you.

I've travelled as far as Charleville, Wallumbilla and Roma; Noosa and Maleny; Surfers Paradise and Parkwood; Miles, Chinchilla and Dalby; Allora, Warwick, Stanthorpe and even Tamworth; Esk and Toogoolawah. 

How far in advance should I book?

There is no such thing as too soon (and when I say this, I mean you can - and should! - book me 2 years in advance). 

I average about 120 weddings per year, with weddings falling every day of the week, but predominantly Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

I don't 'open' or 'close' my books at any stage, but I'm not normally available with less than 3 months' notice (particularly for weekend bookings). 

How much does mobile makeup cost?

I do not have set pricing for mobile makeup, as I tailor your pricing based on the specifics of your booking. I do charge a minimum fee to cover the cost of me closing my salon for the day to allocate the day to you exclusively.

You can click here to request a quote or check availability. 

What mobile services are available?

I offer mobile makeup on the day of your wedding. 

If I am doing your wedding makeup and your wedding is taking place more than 1 hour outside of Toowoomba, I can also offer mobile spray tanning the night before your wedding. 

Can I make changes to my booking after paying a deposit?

You can most definitely make alterations to your booking after paying your deposit.

More often than not, you're booking your wedding with me 2 or more years out from the actual date, and a lot can change in that time! 

By paying your deposit, you secure your wedding date with me, and you secure me until 1.5 hours before your ceremony time (for example if you have a 3pm wedding ceremony, your deposit secures me until 1.30pm that day). 

I get in touch with you 6 weeks out from your wedding with a little confirmation form to fill out - this captures all of the final details, so you don't need to worry about keeping me in the loop with every change that happens in the lead up to your wedding, as my confirmation form will cover everything. 

If the number of people in your booking increases substantially (by 2 or more people), I may need to either start earlier, or bring an assistant with me, and an early morning surcharge and/or fee for my assistant will apply. 

Do I have to have mobile makeup for my wedding?

Not at all. It's a lot more relaxing if you have somewhere to get ready where I can come to you (hotel, Airbnb, wedding venue, etc) but you are also welcome to come into the studio. 

For spray tans, it's more cost effective to come to me (and you'd be mad not to visit The Tanning Lounge!). 

How many people can you fit in a mobile makeup booking?

The number of people I can fit into a booking depends entirely on the specifics of your day - in particular your ceremony time, and the venue where you're getting ready (some venues don't allow access to the venue until a certain time). 

If the number of people in your booking is more than what I can handle on my own, I will include the cost of an assistant in my quote to you - the assistant helps me on the day with preparation and final touches, but I still personally complete each makeup look. 

If you're trying to work out how many people you want getting ready with you on the day, the formula I use to work out how long I'll need is:

- 45 minutes per person (without an assistant)

- 30 minutes at the end for touch-ups (30 minutes in total, not per person)

- all makeup to be completed 1.5 hours before leaving for the ceremony or first look

Most people will have a grazing lunch so that hair and makeup can continue uninterrupted, but if you're planning on stopping everybody for a sit-down lunch, you'll need to include another 30 minutes minimum for this. 

Who can have mobile makeup?

Anybody can have mobile makeup - it's not just for brides and bridesmaids or bridal parties!

Depending on the specifics of your day (ceremony time, where you're getting ready, etc) I can look after anyone else that you'd like to have getting ready with you on the day. 

Just keep in mind that more people getting ready together can be more stressful for you (even with the most relaxed of personalities in the room), so don't include any extras in your booking if you feel it might make the morning more hectic. 

If you have guests, friends, etc. who would like their makeup done, but you would not like them to get ready with you on the day, I can recommend another makeup artist to look after them. 

How long does makeup take?

I allow 45 minutes per person (45 minutes in the chair with me, or 15 minutes with my assistant then 30 minutes with me, depending on the specifics of your day), and 30 minutes at the end for lipstick application and touch-ups after lunch.

If we are prevented from starting on time, this lessens the amount of time each person has with me, as it's important that I don't run you late for your photographer, videographer, etc. 

What does a typical wedding day look like?

Each wedding day will look different depending on:

- what time your venue will allow you to arrive and start getting ready on-site

- how many people need their makeup done

- any other specifications from your venue (eg. if the venue requires you to be ready by a certain time)

- your photographer's requirements 

My policy is to have everybody ready minimum 1.5 hours before needing to leave for the ceremony. This minimum time is not negotiable. 

When I arrive on-site, normally your hairdresser will arrive at the same time. We'll debrief with one another, then we'll each take one person, and we'll create a production line (so once the first person is finished in makeup, I'll then take the first person whose hair is completed and the hairstylist will take the first person with completed makeup, and we will continue to work this way until the end).

As your hair and makeup team, it's our job to keep an eye on what's happening around us to make sure that we don't hold one another up. 

Your photographer and/or videographer will then arrive about 2 hours before your ceremony, so there will be a little bit of crossover time here where your photographer will take photos of your hair and makeup being finished. I will always aim to have you ready at least 30 minutes before your photographer arrives - normally the photographer likes to come in and have a debrief with you, so it's best that this is not done while you're in the makeup chair, as it slows makeup down. 

Your florist/stylist will also pop in during the morning to deliver your bouquets and show you their setup progress. Again, this is best done while you're not in the makeup chair. 

Once hair and makeup is finished, we'll hand you over to your photographer to get dressed, take some more photos, tidy up, and get ready to head to the ceremony.

Lunch is also usually slotted in there somewhere too. 

Will my makeup last?

The way I structure your wedding day makeup is:

1. Each person comes through for their makeup to be completed in full (EXCEPT for lipstick - so everyone can keep eating and drinking)

2. At the end, I ask everyone to finish eating and brush their teeth if they wish, then I do any minor touch-ups and apply lippy and a final layer of setting spray. This ensures everyone is leaving with fresh makeup

3. Each person is then welcome to purchase a lipstick from me to touch up with (I carry all of the shades I use on my clients, with me for anyone to purchase via EFTPOS or cash on the day)

How long do you stay for on the day?

It's really not necessary for me to stay once makeup is completed, and I don't like to foster an attitude where you feel that you or your makeup can't survive without me. 

Once I'm finished everyone's makeups, I get out of the way, as it's very easy for there to be too many bodies in the room and become overwhelming. Plus, the more time you get to spend taking the day in with your loved ones, the better. 

I charge per person, not per hour - this means you are paying me for all makeups to be completed in full, no later than the allocated finish time. Any time I am asked to stay beyond the time that makeups are completed, will incur an additional charge. 

At the time of sending you a quote, I include an estimate of the maximum time that makeups should take to be completed (based on the specifics of your day), however if all makeups are completed before the estimated finish time, I will pack up and depart at whatever time the makeups are completed in full. This allows your next round of vendors (usually photographer and/or videographer) to come in and take care of you, and have your undivided attention. 

If my estimated finish time is before your photographer is due to arrive, and you would like me to stay for getting-ready photos, a charge may apply. 

How do I decide on my and my bridesmaids' makeup looks?

You don't have to!

My happiest brides have been those who have let me pick a makeup look that suits them best (of course factoring in things like - the amount of makeup you're comfortable wearing, the types of colours and finishes you prefer, elements of makeup that you don't love, etc).

I ask a lot of questions at your trial and I don't expect you to know anything about makeup - all of my questions centre around things I can tell you already know about makeup, or things you do or don't do with your own makeup. 

Do I have to wear a traditional bridal nude/pink lip for my wedding?

No way - if you love wearing a bright lip, then I am 1000% supportive of you looking and feeling like yourself on your wedding day. And if that's by wearing a bright lip, then do it! 

Just consider a couple of things:

- if you're wearing your hair down and it's a breezy day, your hair could blow across your face, catching your lipstick and transferring it across your face, so a super-matte lip product is going to be your best friend

- if you're concerned about lipstick getting on your partner when you kiss, you might like to start with a neutral lip then change it to something brighter for post-ceremony. Or again, consider a super-duper matte lip product. 

How much does it cost for just a basic makeup look?

I do not charge for makeup based on the type of look or quantity of products used or time taken. 

My makeup prices are reflective of my ability to complete any makeup look as quickly as possible, based on my qualifications, skills and experience. 

Who can I talk to about non-makeup related wedding questions?

I am here to help with absolutely anything wedding related. 

I've been in the industry for over 9 years now and I've seen it all. I also have some really amazing wedding vendor connections, so if I can't personally help you with something, I can guarantee that one of my fab vendor friends can help us. 

Brows & facial waxing

When should I have my brows and facial waxing done before an event?

Any face or body waxing should be done 24-48 hours before a spray tan, and 3 or more days before having your makeup done. 

How often should I get my brows waxed?

This really depends on your growth cycle. The average for most clients is every 4 weeks, but if your hair grows exceptionally fast (particularly if it's very coarse) you may find 3 weeks more practical. If your hair is finer, lighter in colour, and/or doesn't grow very quickly, you may find 6-8 weeks is appropriate. 

When should I pluck my brows between appointments?


Plucking interrupts your growth cycle. After your waxing appointment, all your hairs will be ready to grow back anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks later.

If you pluck your brows between appointments, the plucked hairs will then be ready to grow back 3 to 8 weeks after you've plucked. 

This means your hairs will all be ready to grow back at different times, and some of them won't be ready to come out at your next waxing appointment, instead leaving little black dots where the hairs are about to sprout. When this happens, those hairs that aren't ready will become visible a week or two after your waxing appointment, and you'll be stuck with excess growth until your next appointment. 

You'll probably want to pluck the excess growth if it drives you crazy, meaning you'll be in a never ending cycle of excess growth! 


How do I purchase Esmi products from Mirror Mirror?

To purchase products, visit my online store here - you can click and collect, have your ordered hand-delivered locally for a small charge, or have your order sent via standard postage.

If you're not sure what products you want or need, I have created the MM Skin Journey - this is a FREE service where I will assess your current routine and products, and help you use your current products better. If there are any gaps in your current routine, I'll make recommendations for any replacement products you may need. 

Do I have to do the Skin Journey?

It's not compulsory, but in all honesty, I believe you're wasting your money if you buy products willy-nilly without putting some time aside to ensure that your products are properly suited to you, your needs, your skin type, and to just really understand why you're using certain products. 

How does the Skin Journey work?

I start by asking you a series of simple questions and understanding what you're currently doing. I also look at what you're actually willing to do - if you don't want a thousand step skin routine, that's okay! I'll tailor a program to suit you and your needs.

I then check-in with you every 6 weeks to see how you're going, and whether you want to increase the intensity of your program, or stick to your existing program.

We do 3-4 check-ins before I leave you to continue your program on your own and reap the rewards. By the end of your journey with me, you will know why you're using products and how to use them correctly, so that you'll never feel lost with skincare ever again. 

Do I need to be in Toowoomba to take part in the Skin Journey? 

Nope! The Skin Journey is entirely online, so you can do it from absolutely anywhere. 


What time of day should I book my formal makeup?

Appointments are very limited, so take what you can and I'll ensure your makeup is applied to last. 

On the day you should allow:

- 1 hour for hair

- 30mins travel between hair and makeup (trust me on this one)

- 1 hour for makeup

- at least 1 hour afterwards to get home, get dressed and get to your pre-drinks/formal photos

Unfortunately I don't take any responsibility if you choose not to follow the above recommendations.

I have 2 formals to attend - how should I schedule tan appointments?

Normally we recommend tanning 2 days before an event, but if you have more than 1 formal to go to, then tan 1 day before the first formal. 

For example, if you're going to formals on Wednesday and Friday, tan on Tuesday. 

I don't have enough time to get everything done on the day - help!

If you need to, you're more than welcome to drop your dress, shoes, jewellery, etc. off (or arrive early to your appointment to drop everything off) and get changed at my studio, to save some time. 

I have a beautiful, private lounge area with a full-length mirror and hooks to hang your dress, so you can get changed and leave straight from Mirror MIrror. 

Do I need a trial?

Definitely! If you have a makeup idea in mind, it's important to make sure you actually like that look on yourself. Or, if you're not sure what you want, it gives us time to work on a look that you'll love. 

If you're short on time on the day, a trial will allow you to know exactly what makeup look you want on the actual day, so you can get in and get out! 

I also recommend a spray tan trial 24-48 hours before your makeup trial, and it's a good idea to also have your hair trial on the same day as your makeup trial. 

When should I have a spray tan for formal?

For the actual formal: 36-48 hours in advance, to avoid tan rubbing off onto your dress.

For your tan/makeup trial: 24-48 hours in advance.


Hair styling

Does Mirror Mirror offer hair styling?



What makeup brands does Mirror Mirror use?

I use a range of brands including Giorgio Armani, MAC Cosmetics, Too Faced, NARS, Hourglass, Urban Decay, Laura Mercier, Elementwo, Esmi Skin Minerals PONi Cosmetics and Embryolisse.

I do not use drugstore brands. 

I do not guarantee that my products are 100% vegan or cruelty free, so I encourage you to do your own research before booking, if this is a priority for you.

How do I prepare when having my makeup done?

Arrive with clean skin - apply your usual skincare, but please don't apply BB cream, mascara, or any other cosmetic products. I do not include makeup removal time in your appointment, so I will ask you to remove your makeup which will cut into your makeup application time. 

Wear a strapless/strappy/off-the-shoulder top if you would like your neck, chest and decolletage to be done. 

If you're having a makeup trial, I suggest wearing something similar to the outfit you'll be wearing for your wedding or event (eg. if it's for your wedding, wear a white shirt or dress, or something in a similar colour that shows a similar amount of skin). 

How long does a makeup application take?

I allow 1 hour for an in-studio makeup application, or 45 minutes per person for mobile makeup.

If you're having basic hairstyling done as well with me, allow another 1 hour for hairstyling.

Are false lashes included in a makeup application?

Yes - individual lashes are complimentary with every makeup application. 

What should I do if I have allergies?

I will always ask you at the start of your application, so that I can use products suited to your allergy/sensitivity. Please be honest with me about any and all allergies or sensitivities that you're aware of, no matter how weird or unrelated they may seem. 

I strongly recommend having a trial, particularly if you're unsure of what causes you to react. 

If you know exactly what ingredients you're allergic to, please get in touch with me so I can check them against my products and ensure I'm using products that are safe for you. 

Do I have to wear heavier makeup so it looks good in photos?

Definitely not. Heavier makeup is more noticeable in photos, and I go by the rule that everything reduces by 50% in photos (think about Amy Winehouse's big hair - it needs to be MASSIVE in real life just to look remotely big in photos, and the same applies to makeup - it needs to be intense in real life if you want it to look bold in photos). 

If how you look in photos is your main priority, then yes, we should go heavier with your makeup. If looking good in real life, in front of all the people who will be looking at you all day, is your priority, we can go lighter so you don't look scary in real life.

My makeup style is a happy medium between looking beautiful in real life, and translating well into photos. 

Can I supply my own foundation?

No - for health and safety and insurance purposes, I cannot accept any of your own makeup products. 

I supply absolutely everything you need for your makeup application, and I sell powders and lipsticks if you'd like to purchase these for touch ups. 

I am also professionally trained to colour-match your foundation seamlessly with your skin, so please be assured that I do not need to use your foundation to get the colour right.

Is my makeup water resistant? Will it last?

I assess and prepare your skin with setting sprays and primers, and use a range of high-performance and water-resistant products, to do everything within my professional power to ensure the longest wear possible. 

No makeup artist - myself included - can guarantee your makeup against environmental factors such as rain, humidity, crying, touching, etc.

It's important to note that your skin and face are living, breathing, moving things. Anything that lives, breathes and moves cannot be ensured against makeup wear - it's just a part of nature. 

Should I have my hair done before or after makeup?

It doesn't matter what order you follow. If you've had hair done first, I'll carefully pin it out of the way so that I don't make dents in your hair. If you're having your hair done afterwards, ensure your hair isn't going to be washed (your hairdresser may remove some makeup from your hairline if they're washing it). 


Makeup lessons

Does Mirror Mirror offer makeup lessons?

Yes - I offer one-on-one makeup lessons at my studio. 

Does Mirror Mirror offer group classes?

No - I do not offer group lessons. 

The reason for this is because I want YOU to get the most out of your time with me. There is no point having 6 people in a room who all want to learn different things, to suit different faces and different skin types - we would have to skim over everything and give a very general overview, which I don't think is very helpful to each individual. 

How does a makeup lesson work?

Firstly, you book your lesson online and choose the topics that you'd like to cover. I recommend a 1-hour session, so if you want to cover more topics, I'd suggest breaking these up into 2 x 1-hour sessions, rather than overloading yourself with info in one long session. 

You bring your makeup, skincare and makeup brushes along to the lesson, and you also have access to all of my professional makeup, skincare and brushes - this is so that I can teach you how to best use your own products first. If any of your own products aren't going to serve the purpose, then we'll chat about potential replacement products, and where you can buy them from. 

We write down everything you've learned and draw on a face chart, so that you have thorough notes to take home with you to continue practicing everything. 

As part of your lesson, you also receive a $50 voucher to spend in-store on the day. 


The Tanning Lounge

What's the difference between a regular tan, and tanning at The Tanning Lounge?

The Tanning Lounge is a luxe, private space with 2 heated tanning rooms attached to it, and is designed for year-round group tanning bookings.

If you're just having a tan on your own, the tanning rooms attached to the Tanning Lounge are available for single bookings. 

When should I book the Tanning Lounge?

Just like scheduling a normal spray tan, we recommend tanning 2 days before your wedding or event. The Tanning Lounge is booked using my online booking system, and I take bookings online up to 18 months in advance. 

I normally have 3-4 weddings a week, which all have a Tanning Lounge booking 2 days beforehand. The Tanning Lounge is exclusive, which means there is never more than one group using the Lounge at a time, so The Tanning Lounge does book out very quickly. If you have a date for your wedding or event, book The Tanning Lounge as soon as possible!

How does the Tanning Lounge work?

You are greeted by me at reception, where I'll show you all up to The Tanning Lounge - your private and exclusive space. 

Depending on the package you've chosen, you'll arrive to drinks on ice and a lush grazing platter. I'll give you some time to settle in, change into a beautiful linen robe, and relax while you enjoy your refreshments. 

Once you've settled in, I'll pop in to do everybody's tans, and once I'm done you'll be left to relax again until your session is finished. 

Important note: Due to the way we structure Tanning Lounge bookings, all people having spray tans must arrive together at your appointment time. Anyone who arrives late will miss out on a tan altogether. 

Can other people join a Tanning Lounge booking, even if they're not having a tan?

Absolutely! When you book online, select the package for the number of people who are having tans. 

When you book in, you'll be asked to note the number of extra people who will be joining you but will not be having tans. 

Does the Tanning Lounge cater to non-drinkers or dietary requirements?

Yes! There is a non-alcoholic option, and the grazing platters are also catered to any dietary requirements (a surcharge from our caterers may apply for dietary requirements).

How long does a Tanning Lounge booking take?

This depends on the number of people in your group and the time that you all arrive. It takes 10 minutes per person for the actual spray tans, and we allow some extra time either side of the tans for you all to relax and enjoy the space. The minimum time for a Tanning Lounge booking is 1 hour. 

I ask that you all arrive on time, together. If anybody is going to be running late, this will cut everybody's time short in The Tanning Lounge and may result in rushed tans. or no tans. 

For everybody's security, I lock the studio door when I take you up to The Tanning Lounge, so any latecomers may be locked out. 

Do I have to book the Tanning Lounge for a single spray tan?

Nope - when you book online, single tans are under the 'Spray Tans - individual tans and trials' section. 


Spray tans

When should I shave or have body waxing done before my tan?

All shaving and waxing should be done 24 hours or more before your tan.

Will my spray tan wreck my mani/pedi?

If you're having a mani/pedi (this is where they'll soak your hands and/or feet and apply exfoliants and creams to your skin) this needs to be done the day before your tan. Why? Soaking your hands and feet and exfoliating the skin will strip your tan.

If you're having acryclics applied, or nails painted, or gel/shellac nails only (in other words, you're not having the full spa manicure and/or pedicure) you can have these done after your tan. Some tan may still come off in the process if your nails need to be soaked off beforehand, or you need to have nailpolish removed, so if you're in doubt, have your nails done before your tan. 

Regardless of whether or not you're having a mani/pedi, I recommend having any nail services done the day before your tan, as nail salons are notorious for not keeping your scheduled appointment time, and therefore running you ridiculously late (trust me - I've seen way too many bridal parties run an hour or more late because of nail salon delays) so by having your nails done the day before, you're not rushing between appointments and causing yourself unnecessary stress.

My photographer doesn't want me to have a spray tan - what should I do?

First of all - whose day is this? You're paying your photographer to photograph what you've given them, so it's not their place to dictate how you look on the day. 

Secondly - I consider myself a pro at bridal tans. I tan a lot of first time tanners who don't want to look like they've had a tan, right through to seasoned tanners who want the darkest possible tan, and I have a wide range of tan solutions so you have absolutely no risk of turning orange. I will work with you to ensure that we choose a tan solution suited to your skin type, so that you don't turn out patchy.

When should I have a spray tan?

I recommend 2 days/48 hours before an event.

Your tan will take 24 hours to develop, so it's good to allow another 24 hours after that where you can have another shower to ensure your tan won't transfer onto your outfit (particularly in areas such as the underarms). 

How do I prepare for a spray tan?

In the week leading up: Apply moisturiser daily, regularly (and gently) exfoliate your skin, and drink minimum 2lts of water per day. Skin that is hydrated and moisturised from both the inside out, and the outside in, is the perfect skin for a spray tan. 

In the 24hrs beforehand: Shave your legs, and give your skin one last gentle exfoliation. 

On the day: Arrive with clean skin (clean means clean - no moisturiser, deodorant, perfume, or anything else on the skin). You may like to wear loose clothing and a loose bra and undies on the day so you don't have underwear marks cutting into your skin. 

What do I wear during a spray tan?

You can wear as much or as little as you like. Most of my clients use disposable g-strings (provided by Mirror Mirror), but you can go naked, or wear a bra and undies, or whatever you like!

Just like tanning in the sun, whatever you wear during your spray tan will leave a tan line, so keep this in mind when you're deciding what to wear. 

Tan will wash out of most fabrics and materials, but if in doubt, don't wear it during your tan. 

What do I do after a spray tan?

Change into your tanning dress (I have tanning dresses for sale, otherwise anything loose and made from cotton is best).

If you have leather seats in your car, make sure your dress is covering the car seat so your skin isn't touching the leather - leather will suck the tan back off your skin. 

Wash your tan off at the recommended time (this will normally be 1-3 hours after your spray). Please factor this time in when you're booking your appointment - if you wash your tan off later than the recommended time, it can go darker or go patchy/orange. To wash off, rinse only under a lukewarm shower (don't use soap or a loofah or anything else other than water). Pat yourself dry or air dry, and don't apply any moisturisers or products to your skin.

For the next 24 hours, your tan will be developing, so it's best to avoid barriers (deodorant, perfume, moisturisers), sweating, and clothing that will suck your tan up (leather, lycra, spandex are big no-nos). You may also like to wear a strapless bra so you don't get bra marks in your tan. 

After 24 hours, you can shower again and start using moisturiser again. Lycra, spandex and leather are still good to avoid too. 

What should I do if it's raining?

Bring a change of clothes that will cover as much skin as possible, as well as an umbrella or a raincoat with a hood.

If you get any raindrops on your skin after your tan, it will look scary, but don't panic. Pop over to our Instagram page where you can see our super-easy steps to prevent rain damage. 

When should I rinse my spray tan off?

This depends on the tan solution used on you.

Naked Tan solutions are all to be washed off 2 hours after application, or no more than 4 hours after.

Bella Bronze solutions range from 1 hour through to 8+ hours (but we personally never recommend more than about 4 hours!). 

If you do not wash off at the recommended time, your tan will normally start to go orange, and will become patchy and hard to remove when it wears off. Mirror Mirror takes no responsibility if you choose not to wash off at the recommended time. 

Is there an instant tan option?

No - all of our tans are to be washed off after 1-3 hours, and after washing off, you'll be back to your original skin colour again with absolutely no trace of your tan.

Your tan will then develop over the next 24 hours. 

How does a tan work?

The active ingredient in tan solution is DHA, which reacts with surface layer of your skin. Other factors that affect how DHA reacts with you skin, are hormones and the acidity level of your skin - these can fluctuate all the time in your own body, so your tan results can vary slightly from time to time. 

If you consider how easy it is for you to tan in the sun, spray tanning is the same - if it's hard for you to get a tan in the sun, your spray tan will develop as it's meant to, but getting a ridiculously dark result may not be achievable. If you tan easily in the sun, your spray tan will develop darker, so it's best to be careful with how dark you go. 

How long will my spray tan last?

Depending on your skin type and how well you've prepared your skin, and how well you take care of and maintain your tan afterwards, you can get anywhere from 5-10 days out of your tan. 

Contrary to popular belief, a darker tan does not last longer. A darker tan that is substantially different to your natural skin tone, will fade off and your lighter skin will show through in stark contrast.

A lighter tan that is closer to your natural skin tone, will not be as noticeable when it fades off. 

What tanning brands does Mirror Mirror use?

I use Naked Tan and Bella Bronze tans. Between the two brands, you have about 8 to 10 different options for how dark or light you'd like to go. 

You don't need to choose a tan solution yourself - we will consult with you at your appointment to work out which solution is best suited. 

Will I turn orange?


A tan will go orange due to:

- being a low-end/budget tan solution (the very first tans developed in the 1960s were orange)

- leaving your tan on longer than recommended before rinsing off

- not using the correct tan base for your skin tone 

We will always consult thoroughly with you before applying your tan solution to determine the best product for you.

Can I go swimming with a spray tan?

Swimming at a beach or pool will strip your tan - both chlorine and salt water remove the top layer of your skin, where your tan is. 

Sweating, friction, and exfoliants are also going to take your top layer of skin over time. 

To really stretch your tan out, keep your skin well moisturised so the top layer of skin will stay intact as long as possible, or even better - grab a gradual tan moisturiser to apply every 2-3 days. A gradual tan moisturiser will deposit a light bit of tan onto your skin whilst also providing moisture. 



Should I have a trial to decide if I'll book with Mirror Mirror?

You absolutely can, but I strongly recommend against this - your actual wedding or formal booking will not be held without a deposit, so by waiting to pay a deposit until after your trial, you run the risk of someone else snapping your date up before you even get to have your trial. 

Please visit my Instagram and my Google reviews to see if I am right the makeup artist for you. 

When should I schedule my trial for?

I recommend having your trial in similar weather conditions to your wedding or event - for example, if you're getting married in the hotter months, don't have your trial in the middle of winter! 

I also suggest that your trial is around 3 months out from your wedding or event. By this stage, you know what the rest of your outfit and styling is going to look like so you can tailor your makeup to suit. Your skin should also be on track to being its best for your wedding or event, but if not, 6-12 weeks is enough time to make some small changes to your skincare routine to ensure your skin is at its absolute best for your makeup. 

How long does a trial take?

standard trial takes 1 hour - during this 1 hour, I do a thorough consultation with you and we trial one makeup look. At the end, we chat about the look we've created together, and make note of any changes you'd like to make on the day.

deluxe trial takes up to 2 hours - during this time, I do a thorough consultation with you and we trial one makeup look. At the end of the first look, we have a chat about the look we've created and either remove it and trial an entirely different second look, or we make tweaks to the existing look (for example, we might change the eyes, change the lashes, etc). 

If you're having your hair trial on the same day, give yourself 30 minutes to travel between your hair and makeup trial appointments. 

What is the difference between a standard and deluxe trial?

To be honest, the standard trial is easier to come by (you have a much better chance of getting a 1 hour time slot with me) and most people who book a deluxe 2-hour trial end up loving their first look so much that they don't even bother with the remainder of the 2-hour trial! 

If you are fussy and indecisive or you really can't pick between two different looks (no judgment here, just own it!) then book a 2-hour trial.

I can't find any available times within the suggested time frame that work with my schedule - what should I do?

It's not the end of the world- we can do a trial in the day or two before your wedding or event when you're in town. Timing your trial is not the be all and end all - it's more important that we do one at some stage, whenever we can make it work, rather than focusing on doing one in a particular time frame. 

How do I prepare for a makeup trial?

1. Have a spray tan trial 24-48 hours before your makeup trial

2. Schedule a hair trial for the same day as your makeup trial (it doesn't matter whether you do hair or makeup first)

3. Wear something to your trial with a similar neckline to your actual outfit - for example, if you have an off-the-shoulder wedding dress, wear a white, off-the-shoulder top (it doesn't have to be exactly the same, but something similar will help you get a clear picture of how your hair, makeup and tan will tie in with your outfit)

4. Don't stress if you don't have any ideas about what makeup look you'd like - that's what I'm here for :) 

Do I need to have a trial?

In my opinion, yes. It's not so much about determining the perfect makeup look - for me, it's about getting to know you, what you like and don't like, making sure we're on the same page (for example, my idea of a smokey eye is going to be different to yours; my idea of a nude lip is going to be different to yours), and making sure the makeup products work with your skin. 

It also means I know exactly how much time to allow for your makeup on the day - if we don't have a trial beforehand, I may not be able to allow enough time to make makeup changes on the day, whereas we can nut this all out in the pressure-free environment of a trial. 

Do mums and bridesmaids need a trial?

This is totally optional. If you've got a mum or bridesmaid who is prone to being a bit stressy or obsessive (trust me, there's always one), then I definitely suggest they have a trial to eliminate the possibility of them creating unnecessary stress on the day. 

If you have anybody with severe allergies or sensitivities, I also suggest they have a trial to be certain we won't cause a reaction on the day (my products cater to all allergies and sensitivities but your peace of mind is important to me!). 

I don't know anything about makeup, and totally trust my makeup artist - do I really need a trial?

You, my friend, are the perfect candidate for a trial! We 100% need to have a chat to understand that we are on the same page. I will always gladly create a look from scratch without your input (this is actually my favourite as we know I'm going to create a look perfectly suited to you and your features), BUT, I still need to know you're happy with it, and experimenting with that on the day of your wedding or event, when emotions may be a bit heightened, and other vendors will be competing for your attention, is not a good idea. 

I know exactly what makeup look I want, so do I need a trial?

PLEASE don't get caught in this trap. You may know exactly what makeup look you want, but have you looked at my instagram? Is the look that you want, similar to my style of makeup? Or is it something that it looks like I've never done before? You know what makeup look you want, but have you tried it on yourself? Have you worn this much or this little makeup before? Is the makeup look that you want, true to real life, or has it been edited into oblivion?

Trust me when I say a trial still definitely needs to happen. There's SO much that we cover in a trial and I would truly hate for you to miss that. 


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