FAQ - Formals

What time of day should I book my formal makeup?

Appointments are very limited so take what you can and I'll ensure your makeup is applied to last.

On the day you should allow:

- 1 hour for hair

- 30mins travel between hair and makeup

- 1 hour for makeup

- 1 hour afterwards (at least) to get home, get changed, get to your formal photos, etc.

My schedule is tight - help!

If you need to, you're welcome to drop your dress, shoes, jewellery, etc. off the day before, and get changed at my studio. I have a full length mirror, hooks for your dress, and plenty of space for you to get changed and leave straight from Mirror Mirror.

Should I get a makeup trial for my formal? 

Definitely! If you’ve got a makeup idea in mind, it's important to make sure it actually suits you, and that you like it! If you're not sure what you want, a trial is vital to make sure we're on the same page. 

I also recommend a trial spray tan 24-48 hours before your makeup trial, and it's a great idea to have your hair trial on the same day as your makeup trial. 

When should I book my trial?

ASAP once you have your formal dress, so you can see how your tan, makeup and hair look with your dress. It's much easier to picture everything together, rather than having separate trials all over the place for each different thing and trying to visualise the missing parts.

When should I have my spray tan? 

I recommend tanning 24-48 hours before your formal, and 24-48 hours before your makeup trial. 

Do I need to pay a deposit? 

Yes please - your deposit will be taken when you book online, and is non-refundable.

I have a question about something else.

If you can't find the answers you need above, you can request a callback or book a time to pop in for a chat here.