FAQ - Lashes

How long does a lash lift last for?

Typically around 12 weeks, but this depends on your own personal lash cycle (i.e. how long your lashes take to grow, fall out and regenerate).

The lash tint component will only last about 4 weeks, which is why I offer a complimentary top-up lash tint any time after you've had your lash lift. 

How do I prepare for a lash lift?

You must not have had lash extensions or a lash lift for at least 12 weeks before your appointment.

On the day of your appointment, please arrive with your face freshly washed a completely free of makeup (swiping your mascara off with makeup wipes is not enough).

If you arrive with any residual makeup, I cannot guarantee the end result of your lash lift.

Are lash lifts painful?

Nope! A lot of my lash lift clients fall asleep during the process. No product comes into contact with your eyes or the delicate skin of your waterline, so there's no stinging or redness at the end of your treatment.

Will a lash lift damage my eyelashes?

A lash lift can be a little drying on the lashes, but it does not affect the growth cycle like other lash enhancement treatments. I provide you with a take-home keratin treatment to keep your lashes nourished and healthy.

Is a lash lift pregnancy-safe?

Yes it is, but I recommend getting clearance from your doctor first.

Your lash lift may not last as long due to the changes in your hormones, so please bear this in mind.

Should I get lash extensions for my formal or wedding?

This is completely up to you. I generally advise against it as I don't love the end result of lash extensions - they often make the eyes look droopy, undoing all my makeup work!

Depending on the quality of the extensions, it can also be difficult to clean any makeup off them at the end, making the lashes look less black and a little dull. 

I have a question about something else.

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