FAQ - Makeup

How much time should I set aside for a makeup application?

I allow an hour - depending on your makeup look, sometimes we can finish much earlier, but I recommend leaving an hour free just to be on the safe side.

What do I need to do/bring?

Wear a strapless/strappy/off-the-shoulder top so I can apply makeup to your neck, chest and decolletage if needed.

If you're having a trial, wear something with a similar neckline and in a similar colour to what you'll be wearing for the actual event. 

Arrive with clean skin - apply your usual skincare, but please don't wear any makeup such as BB cream, mascara, or any other cosmetic products.

Are false lashes included with my makeup?

Individual lashes (no strip lashes here!) come complimentary with all makeup applications.

You can choose not to have them applied, but I'll probably convince you to at least give them a go!

What should I do if I have a makeup related allergy or sensitive skin?

If you have an allergy and you’re aware of what it’s caused by, please let me know. My makeup kit is suited to sensitive skin types and caters to most allergies, but it’s a great idea to let me know just in case.

I also strongly recommend a trial to be on the safe side.

If you don't know what causes your reactions, please book a trial. 

Do I need to provide my own foundation?

No – for health and safety reasons, I cannot accept clients’ own makeup products. I supply absolutely everything for your makeup application, and I sell powders and lipsticks for any touch ups.

Will my makeup last?

I take every measure with skin preparation, product application and finishing, to ensure your makeup lasts as long as it possibly can. I cannot guarantee against environmental factors etc, but with 8+ years in the bridal industry, I like to think I'm an expert at long-wearing makeup. 

It's also important to remember that your skin (and face) are living, breathing, moving things. Anything that lives, breathes, and moves cannot be ensured against makeup wear - it's just a part of nature. 

Do you offer hair and makeup packages?

I offer basic hairstyling in conjunction with makeup, but this is subject to limited availability.

Basic hairstyling includes curls, waves, or straightening. I don't do blow-dries or upstyles. 

Should I get my makeup done before or after hair? 

If you're having your hair done with me, I'll set your hair, do your makeup, then finish your hair.

If you're having hair done elsewhere, it doesn’t matter at all. I'll carefully pin your hair out of the way if you've had it done beforehand, or if you're having hair done after makeup, just ask your hairstylist to be careful if they're washing your hair. 

How long should I allow for hair and makeup?

I recommend allowing 1 hour for each.

If you're having your hair done somewhere else, allow an hour for your hair, and 30 minutes to travel between your hair and makeup locations and find a car park - I don't want you feeling rushed or running late!

I have a question about something else. 

If you can't find answers online, you can request a callback or book a time to come in for a chat here