Terms & Conditions

Before any mobile makeup/hair booking is secured, a quote will be provided to you.

The total price quoted is for Stacey to come to you at the location listed in the quote and includes travel and out-of-salon charges, and any other applicable surcharges (eg. early morning charge, public holiday surcharge, etc) charged at the discretion of Mirror Mirror. The price is calculated based on the location, ceremony time, and number of people in the booking. Should these or any other details change, the price may change accordingly. Please refer to 'Price variations' below for more details.

False lashes are included complimentary with every makeup application, and all skincare and makeup products required for a full face makeup application are supplied by Mirror Mirror.

For wedding bookings, complimentary basic makeup (lipstick/gloss, mascara, blush) for flowergirls/junior bridesmaids is optional. Any additional makeup beyond the abovementioned basic application will incure a fee starting at $50 depending on the level of makeup application requested.

Any additional people added to your booking at any time following the issue of your invoice (including any people added on the day) can only be added at Stacey's discretion, and if added on the day, payment is required upfront by cash or bank transfer. 

Longevity of makeup

Stacey is qualified to apply each person's makeup in such a way that it will last as long as possible, and Stacey will educate you on the day, on how to best maintain your makeup application for longevity. Please note that factors out of Stacey's control, such as (but not limited to) extreme heat/humidity, excessively oily skin, and not following maintenance instructions, can reduce the longevity of your makeup.

Every mobile makeup booking includes complimentary touch-up kits as a minimum (containing a small quantity of lipstick, a disposable lip wand, and oil blotting papers).

Whilst Stacey is confident in the longevity of your makeup, you may wish to have her on hand for touch ups before and after the ceremony, during photos, and prior to entering the reception. This is an optional extra - please refer to your quote for pricing. 

Spray tanning

Mirror Mirror offers spray tanning using Naked Tan (2 hour tans) and Bella Bronze (1-8 hour tans).

Please follow the Book Online link for current tan pricing. 

Tanning is recommended 24-28 hours before your wedding, and this can be done in-salon or mobile (please follow the Book Online link for current mobile pricing). 

If you choose to have your tan done at another salon, please do not tan your face. Tanning the face results in tan sitting on the pores and extremely dry skin, and can therefore compromise the final makeup result.

Brows & facial waxing

Please ensure all facial waxing is done 3 or more days prior to your makeup application. Foundation will not stick evenly to freshly waxed skin and will compromise the final makeup result.


Please avoid having a lash lift or lash extensions.

Lash lifts make application of false lashes difficult and sometimes impossible; lash extensions will become damaged if false lashes are applied on top. 

Skin preparation - lead up

Mirror Mirror offers a complimentary skin consult for every bride who books makeup with Mirror Mirror.

If you choose not to use this skin consult, please do not commence a new skincare routine within 12 weeks of your wedding/event, or make any other changes to your skin routine in this time without professional guidance.

A new skincare routine or the introduction of new products, can result in the skin 'purging' and takes time for the skin to re-adjust and show results (usually 6 to 12 weeks minimum). 

Please do not have a facial or use any products like sheet masks etc. in the week leading up to your wedding. 

Skin preparation - on the day

If you choose to do masks or facials the night before (this is strongly discouraged) please ensure all residue has been removed with a gentle exfoliant.

A gentle exfoliation the night before your makeup booking will ensure a smooth, fresh base. 

On the day, everyone should follow their usual skincare routine (cleanser and moisturiser as a minimum). Please do not wear BB cream, mascara, or any other makeup products. 

If anybody arrives wearing makeup, they will be asked to leave the makeup chair to wash their face while somebody else starts makeup, in order to avoid delays. 

Hair preparation - on the day 

Please ensure that hair has been washed the night before or morning of your booking, and is completely dry and free from any hair treatments and products. 


Mirror Mirror, Stacey and any representatives accept no responsibility or liability for the final result, should anybody choose not to follow Mirror Mirror's instructions regarding tanning, waxing, lashes, skin and hair preparation.


Makeup trials are strongly recommended but are subject to extremely limited availability, particularly on peak trading days (Fridays and Saturdays).

Stacey suggests a trial 6 to 12 weeks before the wedding, preferable on the same day as your hair trial. A tan trial should also be done 2 days beforehand if you are tanning for the wedding. 

Even if you have a specific makeup idea in mind, a trial is strongly recommended to make sure it's right for you and you're fully comfortable with it. It's also a great opportunity for you and Stacey to get to know each other, and eliminates the need for 'trial and error' time on your wedding day. 

Trials are not limited to brides - mothers and bridesmaids are welcome, particularly if anybody has allergies or sensitivities, or anybody is feeling anxious about having their makeup done. 

Trials are available as a standard trial (1 hour, minimal changes/tweaks subject to time) and a deluxe trial (2 hours, maximum 2 makeup looks).

Should you choose not to have a trial, whilst all care will be taken, Mirror Mirror's artists will not be held responsible or liable in any way, if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the service on or after your wedding day. 

Schedule - before the day

Your initial quote will include a proposed schedule of important dates. Please take note of these when scheduling other wedding-related appointments. 

Schedule - on the day 

Please ensure that everybody has arrived, unpacked and settled in prior to Stacey arriving (Stacey's arrival time will be noted in the schedule sent to you the month before the wedding) unless prior arrangements have been made and agreed to in writing. Should anybody arrive late, this may cause delays on the day, and Mirror Mirror accepts no responsibility for delays in this instance. 

Start and finish times are provided to you about a month before your wedding. These times are not only to ensure your comfort and relaxation on the day, but also to ensure that your other vendors (hairstylist, photographer, videographer, wedding planner, wedding venue) are not delayed and/or compromised in completing their jobs. 

Mirror Mirror's policy is to have all makeup, hair and touch ups along with any photos required by your photographer, completed 1.5 hours before needing to leave for your ceremony. We do not have a set order in which each person is completed, but we recommend that the bride is second-last or last, and anybody not staying on site, or who has other jobs to do off-site, should be done towards the start. 

Everybody will be completed in full with the exception of lipstick. About 30 minutes before your quoted finish time, Stacey will ask everybody to finish their lunch and brush teeth (if they wish), and will then complete final touch-ups and lipstick, before leaving you to enjoy the rest of your day. Normally your photographer will arrive around this time to take photos of your hair and makeup prep.

Stacey will work in with your hairstylist to ensure a smooth flow for everybody between hair and makeup, so that nobody is kept waiting. 

If you are planning on stopping completely for lunch (ie. nobody having hair or makeup done during lunch), please get in touch to ensure this works with the proposed schedule for the day. If time does not permit, makeup and hair may continue while others have their lunch. 

A proposed schedule will be provided with your initial quote, but this schedule is subject to change and will be confirmed 1 month prior to your wedding. 

If your wedding venue/wedding planner/photographer requires you to be finished makeup earlier than the quoted finish time, please get in touch as soon as possible so your schedule can be accommodated.

Venue specifics

Gabbinbar Homestead will allow access to the Bride's Retreat from 8.00am. If your ceremony time and number of people having makeup done, mean that makeup needs to start prior to 8.00am, a second makeup artist may be required (this will be arranged by Mirror Mirror) so as not to require a pre-8.00am start time. 

Gabbinbar are very generous in providing your hair and makeup team with lunch and refreshments. Generally Stacey will work through lunch and eat at the end or at another suitable time, to prevent any delays on the day. But, if time allows, Stacey will stop and grab a bite to eat.

If you have not had a rehearsal prior to your wedding day, please note that Gabbinbar will allow a 30-minute window on the day (during hair and makeup) for a quick rehearsal. If you're not having a rehearsal prior to the day, please get in touch so that this 30-minute window can be accommodated to avoid delays on the day. 

Please keep the console table closest to the window seat, free for your makeup artist. 

Preston Peak Winery will require you to be at the Cellar Door 1 hour before your ceremony (30 minutes before guests begin to arrive), so Stacey will work to a schedule of having all makeup finished an hour and a half before you need to be at the Cellar Door. 

Adora Downs will provide breakfast on the morning of your wedding. This breakfast is not provided in your room, so please ensure that everybody has eaten breakfast and is back at the room 15 minutes prior to Stacey's arrival time. 

Hotels - please provide the Hotel front desk with Mirror Mirror's contact details and quoted arrival time, so that they can let Stacey up to your room without disturbing you.

Please ensure parking is available at your hotel. Alternatively, the cost of parking will be added to your final invoice. 

Please check if your hotel has a high chair and plenty of natural light. If these are not accessible, Stacey will bring additional equipment as needed.

How to secure your wedding date

All prices quoted are valid for 1 month, at which point your quoted pricing will expire. If you wish to proceed with a booking after the quote expiry date, please contact Mirror Mirror for an updated quote. 

A quote will only be provided to you in the event that Mirror Mirror/Stacey is available. However, due to the volume of enquiries, Mirror Mirror operates on a first in first served basis, so your date can become unavailable at any time after your quote has been emailed to you. It is recommended that you action your quote as soon as possible. 

To action your quote and secure your date, please pay your deposit as soon as possible by following the link provided in your quote. By following the link in your quote, you are notifying Mirror Mirror that you wish to proceed, and you have 5 business days to pay your deposit. If your deposit is not received within 5 business days, your date may be made available to others again. 

Your deposit is deducted from the final balance of your invoice and is non-refundable under any circumstance. 

Deposits are non-transferrable, but may be transferrable at the sole discretion of Mirror Mirror. Please refer to the Postponements policy for more information.

Your wedding date is NOT SECURED with Mirror Mirror until you have received an ''appointment confirmed'' email. 

Payment of the balance

Payment of the balance of your booking is due exactly 1 month before your booking date. 

Payment by instalments and/or any part payments made 7 or more days prior to the payment due date will not be accepted. Should you pay by instalments or make any part payments prior to the due date, these amounts will not be refundable.

Variations to terms

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time, without notice. Payment of your deposit constitutes acceptance of all conditions outlined in this document and any subsequent changes. 

Variations to pricing

Any quote for mobile services is valid for 1 month from the quote date, and applies to the quoted date, location, ceremony time and number of people. Any quote for in-salon services is subject to change in line with usual salon price fluctuations. 

Prices may vary if any of the following circumstances change:

  • the number of people in the booking increases or decreases from the original quote

  • additional makeup artists are required or requested

  • an earlier start time is required or requested (early morning surcharge applies)

  • the date changes

  • the location changes

  • the day of the week changes from off-peak (Mon to Thu) to peak (Fri to Sun)

  • accommodation is required

  • any other circumstances change

Failure to comply with all terms and conditions may result in additional fees, which will be payable on the day. 

Cancellations and replacements

Cancellations by you (entirely or in part) within 28 days of your booking date will not be refundable. However, the balance can be transferred to a later date and used as a credit for future services. 

Cancellations must be notified via email to If a cancellation is received from a person other than the primary contact person, Mirror Mirror may request confirmation from the primary contact person before continuing with the cancellation.

Mirror Mirror is not required to provide a refund if the reason for cancelling your booking is outside of Mirror Mirror's control, such as:

- if you change your mind

- if you insist on having a service provided in a particular way, against Mirror Mirror's advice

- if you fail to clearly explain your needs to Mirror Mirror

If, due to circumstances outside of Mirror Mirror's control, the makeup artist who has been booked for your wedding becomes unavailable on the date of your booking, Mirror Mirror will find a replacement and equivalently skilled and experienced makeup artist, at no additional cost to you. 

Should you choose not to use the replacement makeup artist, this will be treated as a cancellation by you whereby any payments made will be non-refundable.

Postponement policy

Postponements/transfers will only be permitted at the sole discretion of Mirror Mirror.

Postponement requests must be sent via email to If a postponement request is received from a person other than the primary contact person, Mirror Mirror may request confirmation from the primary contact person before continuing with the request.

If a postponement request is able to be actioned and approved, you will be provided with a Postponement confirmation form - this form must be completed for your booking to be transferred to the new date. If this form is not completed, your booking will remain at the originally booked date, and all terms and conditions will apply to your originally booked date. 

Correspondence via email without a completed Postponement confirmation form does not constitute an approved postponement, and your booking will remain at the original date until the form is received by Mirror Mirror.

If a postponement request is approved and able to be actioned, no further payment is required - your booking will be moved to the new date at no charge, and your booking will not be subject to any other charges or price increases. Your booking will still be subject to Mirror Mirror's Price variation policy.

By postponing your booking, you agree to make your original booking date available to others.

This postponement policy does not apply to bookings postponed prior to 14 April 2020. 

Events beyond control

Neither party shall be liable to the other party for any loss caused by any failure to observe the terms and conditions of this agreement, where such failure is occasioned by causes beyond its reasonable control including but not limited to, by fire, flood, riot, strike, war, restrictions and prohibitions or any other actions by any government or semi government authorities. 

Social media

By engaging Mirror Mirror, you grant permission to Mirror Mirror to use any images taken of you, either professional or by your makeup artist, and provide consent to use the images on social media, on our website and/or in any other marketing material.

You may opt out of this at the time of the service if you wish, by notifying Mirror Mirror by email.

Please note that we will never be the first to reveal your wedding photos on social media. We will always wait for you or your photographer to post first. 

Refusal of service

Stacey or any MM representative may refuse to provide makeup services to anyone at any time at our sole discretion without refund, unless otherwise agreed. Reasons for refusal include, but are not limited to, intoxication, mistreatment of staff, compromised working conditions, unacceptable hygiene, breach of terms, lateness, and/or if anyone is showing signs of illness or contagious disease. 

Illness and contagious diseases

All clients must directly and immediately upon presentation of symptoms, advise Mirror Mirror of any contagious, bacterial, viral or other illness, skin condition or eye condition prior to any makeup services commencing. This includes, but is not limited to, conjunctivitis, cysts, cold sores, herpes simplex, eye sties, open wounds or cuts, bacterial or viral skin infections or conditions, golden staph, or any other contagious illnesses or conditions.

Depending upon the condition, Mirror Mirror reserves the right to refuse services to an infectious client without refund, but importantly, Mirror Mirror must be informed so that precautions can be taken to protect products, brushes and tools from contamination. 

If you do not inform us of such contagious conditions or illnesses, you may be required to compensate Mirror Mirror for any products, brushes and/or tools which may become, or are likely to become, contaminated as a result of your condition or illness. 

If your artist is suffering from illness on the day of your booking, your artist will take all precautions to remain sanitary and non-contagious, or a replacement artist will be provided. 


To agreement

Mirror Mirror may modify these terms and conditions from time to time. Any and all changes to this Agreement will be posted on the Website and revisions will be indicated by date. You agree to be bound to any changes to this Agreement when you use Mirror Mirror's services after any such modification becomes effective. Mirror Mirror may also, in its discretion, choose to alert all users with whom it maintains email information of such modifications by means of an email to their most recently provided email address. It is therefore important that you regularly review this Agreement and keep your contact information current to ensure you are informed of changes. You agree that you will periodically check the Website for updates to this Agreement and you will read the messages sent to you to inform you of any changes. Modifications to this Agreement shall be effective after posting. 

To services

Mirror Mirror reserves the right at any time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, its Services (or any part thereof) with or without notice. You agree that Mirror Mirror shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of these services.


Where permitted by law, you agree to defend, indemnify and hold Mirror Mirror, its subsidiaries, and affiliates, and their respective officers, agents, partners and employees, harmless from and against, any loss, damage, liability, claim or demand arising from your use of Mirror Mirror's services or products.